How to Deposit?

First, please login to your Kitisu account and access your dashboard. The Dashboard contains the cost of different digital forms of money to one side, your record points of interest, and also a chart enrolling the cost of BTC versus USD ($). You can choose to view this graph day-wise, month-wise or year-wise. The dashboard also gives you information about the balance available in your account. You can view your account history on this page with zero hassle!

At the top-right corner of the page, please click on the “Deposit” button. A pop-up box will be displayed, where you need to enter the amount you wish to deposit. This amount can be in any of the following currencies: Euro, British Pound, Hong Kong Dollar, Indian Rupee, Japanese Yen, New Zealand Dollar, Singapore Dollar and US Dollar. Once you have chosen your desired currency, its equivalent in USD and the amount to be paid, inclusive of taxes, will be displayed.

Once this is done, please proceed to click on the “Deposit” button. The following webpage will display the Invoice ID for your transaction. You may choose to make the payment via our secured network using PayPal or by using International Credit/Debit cards. On selecting the mode of payment, you will be redirected to the vendor’s payment portal and the transaction will be completed. Please note that Withdrawal from the Kitisu Account requires a PayPal Email ID, without which the “Withdraw” feature is not accessible.

For further assistance, please click on the “Need Help?” button on the top-right corner of the Dashboard and drop a query! Our team will get in touch with you.