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What is bitcoin?

To learn about bitcoins, you can visit

Is bitcoin illegal ?

Bitcoin is not illegal as per expert opinion.

Why KYC is important for all types of transactions?

Your KYC details are essential to maintaining your Kitisu account. This is to secure your cryptocurrencies in your Kitisu account. If your account is not verified, you will not be able to do buy, sell and trade on Kitisu.

What are Kitisu's fee and charges?

Most of our services are free and there are no hidden charges.
Our maker and taker fees are 0.2% each.
Payment gateway fee is charged 5% (by Paypal).
Withdrawal charges are 3%

Kitisu is registered under which legal framework?

There are no specific legal frameworks for cryptocurrencies yet#.

Kitisu is registered and operates under the Companies Act. We have several bank accounts and we use only banking channels for payments.

Can you cancel or reverse my transaction?

No, bitcoin and other cryptocurrency transactions can’t be canceled or reversed as it is directly connected to the network.

If you have sent the funds to the wrong bitcoin address by mistake, you may never see those funds again. The only way to get your funds back is if you know and have the contact information of the person who controls that bitcoin address. You can contact the receiver and ask to return your funds.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency network transactions are designed to be irreversible and we don’t have control over them. Therefore, make sure you are sending your money to the right person and verify your transactions details before you click send.

Deposit and withdrawal limits.

Minimum deposit: $10 via Debit/Credit Card/Paypal

Maximum deposit: $9,000 via Debit/Credit Card/Paypal

Example: If Sam wants to add $18,000 in his wallet then he have to do 2 transactions of $9,000 each and money adding will be in multiple of $9,000

Minimum and Maximum withdrawal- $ 15 and Unlimited respectively.

Ps: Please make sure of your daily/monthly debit card/credit card limit to add money. We highly recoomend to use your Paypal account for lighting fast deposits and overcome bank limits.

Send and receive limits.

Send limit: 0.0002 BTC to 10 BTC

0.0007 LTC to Unlimited

0.0002 ETH to Unlimited

0.0002 DASH to Unlimited

500.0000 DOGE to Unlimited

On what basis do I become a market maker or a taker?

As a buyer or a seller, you have 2 possibilities to determine if you become a maker or a taker of the transaction:

Maker - If you place an order that gets added in the open order book and is pending to be matched, you are the maker. Maker creates liquidity by placing new orders. The order will be in the book until completion or unless canceled.

Taker - If you place an order that gets matched against an order already in the book, you are the taker. Since taker’s request will be matched against a maker's current request, it will get executed immediately. Taker removes liquidity by reducing the number of orders in open order book.

What fiat currency does Kitisu support?

Indian Rupee (INR)
United State Dollar (USD)
Euro (EUR)
British Pound (GBP)
Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)
Japenese Yen (JPY)
Singapore Dollar (SGD)
New Zealand Dollar (NZD)